When I divorced in January, 2015, I left my trading company in Japan to an employees and I moved to Philippines to realize my dream of "living abroad" since I was a college student.

Why the Philippines ???

My company have a long business relationship with companies in  Philippines for exports, and the country that has made us the most money in our work so far is the Philippines.

Then, in 2013, a Chinese friend who was also a colleague said ... he wants to build a factory in Subic, Philippines and he asked me to suppoort, so I quickly said YES !!!
Although the factory construction was not realized, I loved the Philippines very much while preparing for the factory construction for one year (at that time, I went back and forth between Japan and the Philippines), and now I am living in the Philippines.

I wonder if I'll stay in the Philippines until I die ~~, what are you thinking?

My life in the Philippines ....

I live in a house in fromt of beach and I can see this kind of view from my living room.

I have small private beach.

I go to bed at 9 am and wake up 5 am.

If there is no wind and waves, I will go fishing on my small bangka boat.

I come back from fishing at 8 o'clock and have breakfast

After breakfast, take a shower and go to our office near quarry.
I come back home in the evening, have dinner, watch Netflix.

I am really enjoying my life in Philippines.